Laura Graham



laura Graham is drink with food

Writer, illustrator and entrepreneur: Laura Graham grew up in Stonington, Connecticut. While obtaining her degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and FIT she studied abroad, first in Rome and later in Florence. Upon graduation she moved to Italy and worked as an illustrator for two decades. Clients include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Gallery in London, The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. and Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice. After the purchase and subsequent renovation of an 1867 cottage in Connecticut, Drink with Food, a sales and marketing company, was born in response to a growing industry need. Laura noticed that many artisanal suppliers in the food and alcohol industry do not have time and resources to dedicate to sales and marketing, a vital aspect of growing a business. Today, Laura and her family live and work between their home bases in Italy and the United States.

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Photo credit: Winter Caplanson